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  • Argo Gold

    Argo Gold

    ARGO GOLD - Argo Gold Inc. is a Canadian mining company focused in Ontario, Canada on primarily gold exploration as well as zinc-silver and cobalt exploration projects that have indications of near-term economic viability.

    Argo Gold’s core strategy is to target multi-million ounce, high-grade gold discoveries with high potential for development located near current and past gold reserves and producers.

    All of Argo Gold’s projects are 100% owned. Argo Gold Inc. is listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange under the ticker ARQ.

    Argo Gold Investor presentation
  • Gold Exploration

    Gold Exploration

    Argo Gold Inc. has 100% ownership in six high-grade gold exploration projects in the north and northwestern regions of Ontario.

    Argo Gold’s flagship gold exploration the Uchi Gold Project is situated in the Birch-Uchi Greenstone Belt, which hosts the recent multi-million ounce Springpole gold deposits.

    The Uchi Gold Project is also within the Confederation volcanics that hosts the Dixie gold project.

    Argo Gold Investor presentation
  • Zinc-Silver Exploration

    Zinc-Silver Exploration

    Argo Gold Inc. has one high-grade zinc-silver project in northern Ontario, the Hurdman Property near Timmins.

    The Hurdman Zinc-silver Project has 433 claims over 6,929 acres and has been explored for base-metals since the 1960’s in a large Zn-Ag system.
  • Cobalt Exploration

    Cobalt Exploration

    Argo Gold Inc. has three cobalt projects; two in northwestern Ontario (Campfire Lake and Fortune Lake), and a third project in northern Ontario (Keelow Lake).

    Argo Gold’s Campfire Lake and Fortune Lake Projects are associated with Ni, Cu and Co-bearing sulphides and nearby to Cobalt producers. The Keelow Lake Property is in granitoid and metasedimentary rocks with lake sediment showing wide-spread high-anomalous cobalt.


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